Turns out, ‘Game of Thrones’ has been shopping at IKEA, just like us

If you have both an IKEA addiction and a Game of Thrones fixation, then your whole world may be about to turn upside down — so, prepare yourself accordingly.

Longtime Game of Thrones fans remember the early seasons when Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch wore furs that looked like this (before Jon adopted his new, hulking, black fur coat):

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Well, as it turns out, that fur wasn’t actually fur.

Michele Clapton, the costume designer behind the first five seasons of Game of Thrones, gave a lecture at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles last year. During the lecture, Clapton revealed a rather juicy detail about the early costumes on the show: most of the Night’s Watch was wearing IKEA rugs over their shoulders. 

No, really! You can watch Clapton admit it at mark 27:35 in the video below.

“These capes are actually IKEA rugs,” Clapton says. “We take anything we can. We cut, and then we shaved them, and then we added strong leather straps, and breakdown which is like a religion on Game of Thrones.”

“Breakdown,” in case you were wondering, is costume-speak for distressing clothing to make it look more rugged and worn.

After a brief perusal of the IKEA website, I have determined (based on my own amateur opinion), that the rug in question is the TEJN rug ($14.99). I mean, just take a look at that pile and tell me it DOESN’T look like prime faux fur material:

tejn rug white  0251421 pe390011 s41 Turns out, Game of Thrones has been shopping at IKEA, just like us

This information has me wondering what other GOT costume pieces have actually been home decor items in disguise …

But, there you have it, folks: you can now DIY your own Jon Snow costume, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood IKEA. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for this information come Halloween.

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