Woman tries to order a vegan meal at a restaurant, receives a plate of hilarity instead

Choosing the vegan life is definitely not for the faint of heart — particularly when it comes to traveling, and ordering in new restaurants.

And one woman recently learned the hard way that, even if you get a “vegan option,” you may just wish for the absence of food instead.

17-year-old Gabbie Jarvis was vacationing with her family in Fuengirola, Spain, when they all decided to stop in for tea at a local restaurant. Gabbie’s older sister, Georgia, is vegan, and apparently ordered one of the restaurant’s few “vegan” options.

What she got? A plate full of tomato wedges and raw onion slices.

The plate looked so hilariously underwhelming that Gabbie simply had to tweet about it.

“Georgina has been a vegan for three years and she usually has a good selection of foods to choose when out in restaurants in the U.K.,” Gabbie told Someecards. “My dad asked (the restaurant) if they catered for vegans and the man claimed they did. Georgina originally ordered a vegetarian pizza with no cheese but serving staff came out and told us shortly after that it had egg in it and she should look at the salads.”

Welp. Apparently “salad” is code for “whatever raw stuff we have on hand.”

“When it arrived, me and Georgina shared awkward eye contact and I couldn’t help but laugh and took out my phone to photograph the moment,” Gabbie added.

Twitter found the whole, bizarre incident to be rather entertaining.

Although some people couldn’t help but point out that this is what happens when you choose to be vegan.

Some people simply wondered if it was possible to make this complex meal at home.

As for Georgina? She was somewhat less-than-amused by everyone laughing at her sad plate of tomatoes.

Gabbie says that Georgina didn’t complain, however, and scarfed down the plate of tomatoes — but she did ask for some much-needed carbs.

“Georgina is used to eating raw vegetables and she was hungry so she ate it all but asked for a bread roll to accompany it.”

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