This thread about how Joey and Rachel should have ended up together is making fans reconsider their Ross/Rachel stance

Though it may seem as though Ross and Rachel were always meant to end up together on Friends, there still some fans who firmly believe that their relationship was toxic — and that Rachel would have done better to stick with Joey.

I know! It sounds crazy! But there are actually some compelling arguments to be made.

Twitter user Claire, AKA @kaneandgriffin, has some very strong opinions about the relationship between Rachel and Joey, and her feelings on the matter were stoked to a fever pitch when Twitter users began sharing which TV storylines they hated the most — a trend which was prompted when someone dissed on the Joey-Rachel storyline. 

Though Claire conceded that most of the storylines people mentioned were admittedly cringe-worthy, she stuck to her guns and defended the Joey-Rachel relationship in a truly epic Twitter thread, which may or may not have convinced a few Ross-Rachel proponents to change their minds.

Buckle up, y’all. This thread is a long one.

Claire’s first argument? That Rachel and Ross’ relationship was never built on friendship, whereas Rachel and Joey’s was.

Her second argument is that Ross never really supported or cared about Rachel’s career, and preferred it when she was inferior to him.

Lastly? Joey was a more positive influence on Rachel, whereas Ross was a stressful and exhaustive influence.

In short? Ross seemed to be more obsess with the idea of Rachel, whereas Joey seemed to appreciate the actual Rachel (and didn’t view her as intellectually inferior).

Though the thread is certainly exhaustive to read (and might seem somewhat blasphemous to any diehard Ross-Rachel ‘shippers out there), Claire makes some excellent points — although she certainly wasn’t expecting her arguments to go viral.

“I thought I was talking to about 10 people, then I finished the thread and had almost 800 new notifications. There are clearly a ton of stealth Rachel/Joey shippers out there!” she told BuzzFeed.

Even if I’m not totally convinced (just because Joey seems like a good choice doesn’t mean he’s the person Rachel would have wanted), I have to admit: Ross definitely has some ‘splainin’ to do.

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