15 people told us the one secret they never confessed to their parents, and oh boy

Kids are fearless. Think about it, as a child you’ve yet to experience the stresses and responsibilities that come along with adulthood. Not to mention, the only authority you truly heed is that of mom and dad. Of course, the threat of punishment didn’t always prevent us from sneakily bending the rules as defiant children.

Most of the time our parents easily caught us in our deviant acts, but there are those seldom occurrences they never found out about—or so we think. We decided to ask theBERRY audience about the one secret they’ve never confessed to their parents and our minds are blown.

1. sunkissed1002 blamed it on the poor family dog.

I kicked a hole in the wall and blamed it on the dog.

2. sputigna03 was a bit of a klepto.

Stole a $2 eyeliner from our local grocery store. The alarm went off as I was leaving and I booked it to the car and left. I used to make up excuses as to why I went to a further store instead of that one. To this day I haven’t been back there.

3. danbrownohio might not want to repeat this.

Got naked with and rubbed things together with my second cousin. I didn’t see her again until we were both grown and married. Made for an awkward family reunion.

4. I feel like most parents choose to believe this, ashleyddkjr.

My parents legitimately thought I was a virgin on my wedding day. I wasn’t gonna ruin a good thing. 27 year old virgin, yeah sure.

5. homeskittle24 went all the way in the sneakiest place.

Had sex in their bed with my boyfriend.

6. nancylynn3 was all of us as a teen.

Waited until the parents left for a church meeting then called a boy to come over and give me my first makeout session.

7. ruby_marieee is so lucky she didn’t get caught.

We went to Maui and I snuck a joint back on the plane.

8. rlucker must have a pretty chill sister.

I accidentally stabbed my sister. She was tickling me while I was holding a steak knife. We told our dad she got bumped into a locker at school and cut her arm on the edge.

9. haveyouseen_mollie got some seriously creative revenge.

I was mad that my mom got rid of the dog wallpaper I loved so much in the upstairs bathroom when I was about 10 years old so I drew little penises around the chair railing that are still there to this day!

10. Diana discovered her mom’s dirty little secret.

I found my mom’s copy of Playgirl with Shemar Moore and Peter Steele in it looooong before she showed it to me me at 19.

11. mamajoy16 did literally all of the things.

Oh god where to start …had sex in their bed , snuck bf in while they were sleeping, had parties, stole their alcohol, sold drugs for a bit, and shoplifted a lot.

12. 89tigerlilly lost her purity ring.

All the times they thought I was at the movies with my boyfriend in high school we were actually having sex in his truck at different locations. I also lost my purity ring in his truck during one such time and had to go buy another one at Mardel to avoid questions.

13. leah.namdaer made a pretty expensive mistake.

I backed the car into the garage door…. from inside the garage. i was 12 and clearly not supposed to be screwing with the car. so i put the garage door up. hid all the remotes and disconnected the opener. nobody discovered the damage for weeks until my father backed his truck into the OTHER door. my parents weren’t speaking to each other so i think they just silently blamed the other for the door. I’ve never heard a word about it and I’m 34 now.

14.  ashwim pulled off the most subtle act of defiance.

Wrote “Fuck You” on the wall in white out pen…then painted over it when it dried.

15. Fortunately, nancee_drew had a resourceful boyfriend and a clueless mom.

Tore off the bumper from my mom’s car. Called my bf at the time. He and his mother helped me put it back on with zip ties. Years later some mechanic pointed it out to her. I just played dumb and said “what the heck!? Weird!” As she told us.

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