10 times Jessica Biel’s food posts made us LOL

Jessica Biel’s got quite the life going on. She went from 7th Heaven to acting in 25+ films and is now back at it with TV, starring in a dramatic thriller called The Sinner. Not only is she a #BossLady and mom to a super cute toddler, her hubby Justin Timberlake, is the definition of eye candy.

But here’s the part that’ll really win you over. Now that she’s on the roster of owning Au Fudge, she’s stepped her food Instagram game up a couple of notches. From sweets, to fried yumminess (and a little bit of healthy), her Instagram photos will make you want to be her bestie.

1. That time she smashed a cake in her face.

2. When she told everyone to “get fudged” with the most mouthwatering sweets you’ve ever seen.

Get fudged! #nationalfudgeday🍫

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3. When she misunderstood the recipe.

4. When she looked at donuts the way we look at donuts.

In celebration of #NationalDonutDay, I’m about to go full Homer Simpson on these bad boys.

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5. That time she shoved a bagel in her face.

And thank you #bagelbroker for providing free bagels for all of us! #bagelsforpresident

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6. When she brought her phone and food in the shower to share how late she was getting ready for Fallon’s show.

7. When she posted her working mom survival kit.

A delicious @greenleafchopshop survival kit is pure bliss for a working mom. #momsuccess #G2G

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8. When she showed us what a kebob coma looks like.

Love at first bite. #kebabcoma

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9. When her hot hubby held her Oscar’s dress away from the grease.

Post Oscars. Pre party. Baby daddy duty.

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10. And when she literally shoved breadsticks up her nose.

If they serve nose-sized breadsticks at a party do they think I’m NOT going to do this?

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