Be very afraid: parents have discovered Venmo and now they’re using it to troll their kids

You may have not stopped to think about this, but, in general, parents never really took to Venmo in the same way they took to other forms of social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. (Perhaps because they’re actual adults, and therefore don’t really need to borrow money from other people on a regular basis.) As a result, the money you requested and paid to other people was never really in danger of being seen by any authority figures in your life.

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but you may want to go back and cover up those questionable Venmo requests — because, apparently, the days of a parent-free Venmo zone are officially over.

According to Buzzfeed, more and more Twitter users are complaining about their parents “discovering” Venmo, and the results are pretty hilarious.

Some parents don’t really have a grasp on how the Venmo concept actually works.

That said, most parents are just using it to embarrass and troll their kids (which, considering the years spent sucking away their money, is probably warranted).

So, congratulations! Your parents can now see all of the “responsible” ways you’re spending your (or their) hard-earned money!

I guess I should probably stop labeling all of my transactions with the phrase “Illicit Drugs” …

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