This video of a sassy toddler complaining about her first day of preschool is the only thing getting me through this day

As a former camp counselor, you couldn’t pay me enough money to deal with a room full of preschool children again.

And, as it turns out, some preschool kids feel the exact same way.

Instagram user GotDamnZo recently shared an (absolutely staged) “Facetime” conversation he had with his friend’s daughter, Mila. Apparently, Mila wasn’t terribly thrilled about how her first day at preschool went, and she needed to vent a little β€” and she got fierce.


Obviously, this little girl is a treasure (and a natural on camera), so it should come as no surprise that her mom, Katie Stauffer, is a well-known Instagram queen and photographer, who regularly makes headlines for photographing her kids in hilariously creative Halloween costumes.

People were absolutely reeling over this little girl’s brutal analysis of her preschool experience.

Some people are, of course, saying that the video is staged. And you know what? Honey, I don’t care. This little girl and her attitude toward preschool is everything I needed today, and it’s giving me renewed faith in my ability to feel joy in my cold, bitter soul.

Mila: you keep those kids in check, girl.

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