Pink just made an extremely surprising statement about her beef with Christina Aguilera

As someone who once spent an entire summer of my childhood watching VH1 programming (sorry, parents), I consider myself to be somewhat well-versed on many of the celebrity feuds which occurred in the late ’90s and early ’00s. One of these well-known “feuds” (though perhaps one of the less contentious ones) is the tension between Pink and Christina Aguilera.

Frankly, I had completely forgotten about the celebrity beef — that is, until Pink herself brought it up.

Let’s backtrack: as you may or may not know, there used to be some friction between Pink and Christina Aguilera, which was apparently conceived during the early stages of filming for the “Lady Marmalade” music video.

Though this feud is somewhat old, a Christina fan felt the need to unearth the beef yet again when news broke that Pink will be receiving the Vanguard Award at the VMAs next Sunday. (Even though Pink’s trove of music videos have certainly earned her that award.)

The troll in question tweeted out a snarky remark, referencing Pink’s role in “Lady Marmalade.”

Instead of giving in to the haters, however, Pink chose to rise above that nonsense and let everybody know that she has no issue with Christina, and that her success does not detract from the successes of the women around her.

And, because she’s Pink, she obviously had to end the thread with some snark of her own.

That’s how you keep it classy, ladies and gents.

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