This family is about to spend a literal month exploring Disney World and I wonder if they’ll adopt me

Disney World is known as the “happiest place on earth” — so it stands to reason that a month spent in a Disney theme park would probably be the “happiest month of your life,” right?

Well, one Instagram-famous family is about to find out.

The Gee family is known to many on Instagram as “The Bucket List family,” and for good reason: two years ago, Garrett and Jessica Gee sold all of their possessions to travel the world with their two young children, Dorothy and Manilla.

The family has visited 45 countries and flown on over 150 flights in the past two years — and, in that time, they’ve also managed to amass an Instagram following of over 690,000 people. (Hey, an adventurous lifestyle is infectious.)

Now, however, the Gees are embarking on a totally new kind of ambitious trip, courtesy of Disney. For 30 days, the family will explore Disney World, staying in different resorts every night and exploring the four parks and two water parks by day.

This unbelievable opportunity is part of the “30 Stays in 30 Days” contest. According to PEOPLE:

30 Stays in 30 Days, a Disney-sponsored vacation designed for the adventurous family, will see the globe-hopping foursome exploring the resort’s four theme parks and two water parks, which cover 40 square miles (about two times the size of Manhattan), visiting with some of the 70,000 cast members, and staying in a different hotel every night, all the while playing a game to figure out their next stop.

So, not only will this family get to spend a month having fun in Disney World, but they’ll also be playing a game the entire time??

I can certainly think of worse ways to spend a month.

Okay, Gee family, it’s time to make room for an additional family member. And by “additional family member,” I mean “Me.”

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