23 people on the one rude behavior that makes them rage

Look, there are 7.5 billion people on this planet and we all have to share the little bit of space allotted to each of us. You are not an island. You are not special. No one cares about your individual circumstances.

With that said, Reddit asked the question “What is a common breach of etiquette that annoys you?” and the answers had us like “Ugh, preach!”

1. ExxInferis‘ coworkers need to take up a collection for a pair of Beats by Dre. 

Got a nice relaxed an informal office at work. We are all pretty easy going. But this new guy has just started and without asking, has just popped his speaker on and has been playing Boyz II Men all afternoon.

Headphones motherfucker. Or at least ask. 

2. yvaN_ehT_nioJ see’s ExxInferis’ lack of headphones and raises him *gag* nail clippings.

I’d take that over having someone the cubicle over clipping their finger and toe nails at work. Like, christ man, cant you do that at home? I don’t want to hear the click click click sound of nails finding their way to every place but the trashcan. 

3. We’ve all been both these people in diceclay99’s scenario.

When I drive to pickup a friend and they’re not ready. 

4. DeusVult90 just wants this instantly awkward situation to stop.

When you’re with someone and run into a friend the person you’re with doesn’t know, don’t let them stand there like an idiot while you’re talking to your friend. At least introduce them to each other and, if possible, maybe even include that person in the conversation. 

5. jayman213 just wants everyone to wait their damn turn.

Let people get OFF the train or bus, or elevator, before you begin to enter. 

23 people on some seriously irritating breeches of etiquette that need to be addressed 21 23 people on the one rude behavior that makes them rage

6. ChikcenSoop is tired of saying “Single file people!”

I get irrationally angry when a group of people walk side by side taking up walkways and don’t allow anyone to pass by. 

7. As I former bride, I concur with this 100%, Sorcerous_Tiefling.

Im getting married on Sept. 3rd. The deadline to RSVP by was 3 days ago. Not only are there people who still need to RSVP, but some won’t even give me the courtesy to reply to my texts asking if they plan to show up…

8. CaliforniaMntnSnake is on a break! 

If I’m in the break room eating and looking at my phone or at a book and clearly disengaged with work, don’t come up and talk to me. I don’t want to talk to you, I want to eat my damn chicken salad in peace, Janet. I don’t want to make small talk, I do that all day at work. Leave me alone, I only get an hour a day of not talking, LEAVE ME ALONE. 

9. Can we just all agree with mattsylvanian and put a stop to this please.

Using cell phones in darkened theaters. Put your goddamn phone away, you’re ruining it for the rest of us! 

10. So. Damn. Gross, anoxiousweed

not covering your mouth in a cough or sneeze. Don’t spread ya germs on me! 

23 people on some seriously irritating breeches of etiquette that need to be addressed 2 23 people on the one rude behavior that makes them rage

11. thatsdigusting just wants everyone to wait their turn. 

When someone’s speaking and someone else interrupts them. Even if I’m not the one talking it annoys me when someone else gets interrupted. 

12. Yes, call or text, axxl75.

Being late. Especially if you don’t inform the person about it. You can look up how long it will take to drive somewhere with updated traffic. You can text if you’re going to be late. But far too often there will be those friends who just always show up late to things. 

13. Agreed, keluvsorangesoda. Most bosses don’t want the rest of their employees sick too. 

Please stay at home when you’re sick if you can. We have so many people who come to work sick as a dog, spreading germs everywhere. No need to be a hero, just stay home. I completely understand if you don’t have sick time and cannot. 

14. Shut your mouths, right not_athletic?

People making loud smacking noises while eating.

It drives me to homicidal rage.

15. ElToberino is tryna make sure folks make that paper. 

Finding out what someone does for a living and asking then to do it for free for you. “Oh you’re a doctor? Could you take a look at this rash?” “Oh you’re a comedian? Tell a joke!” “Oh you’re an engineer? Could you set up this printer on my Wi-Fi network and when you’re done, my pool pump has been making weird noises lately” 

23 people on some seriously irritating breeches of etiquette that need to be addressed 22 23 people on the one rude behavior that makes them rage

16. MYPENISBIGGER doesn’t wanna hear your personal conversation. 

If I am riding in the car with someone I find it extremely rude for either person to have an extended phone conversation with someone else unless it is for work or some sort of emergency. Don’t just sit there and have a nice chat with your other friend while I fucking drive you.

17. Right?! It’s 2017, how is this still a thing we have to remind people of heirloomlooms?

Texting while driving when I’m your passenger. A text message is not more important than my safety. I get really offended by bad driving when I’m a passenger- think about other people! 

18. Hands off Funkentelechie’s hair. 

I have dreadlocks. It’s not OK to touch my hair, especially if we’ve never met and we’re stuck in an elevator together. Asking doesn’t make it any better because that is fucking weird.

19. SchoolPsych921 has a little bar advice for everyone. 

I am a bartender.

1) When a customer gives an order request after I just asked how they are. Me: How are you today? Customer: I’ll have a beer. Me: Oh, that bad, huh? Would you like just any beer, a light beer, a craft beer, or a beer of my choice?

Seriously, these kinds of customers by not listening and barking requests that show their disinterest in having an interaction are requiring me to interact with them more.

2) When a customer is talking on their cell phone and hails me over to take their order. Absolutely not ok. I learned very early on never to interrupt a person who is on the telephone. If you are on your phone I will not engage you even if you hail me to. Finish your business and then we can begin ours.

20. If you’ve ever left a counter with suddenly wet pants, you’ve been in IndianaJwns’ shoes.  

If you absolutely have to splash water and spill soap all over the countertop when you wash your hands, the least you can do is wipe up afterwards. 

23 people on some seriously irritating breeches of etiquette that need to be addressed 24 23 people on the one rude behavior that makes them rage

21. We’ll have to agree with brijjen.

Perusing your cellphone in a non-social way, in a social situation.

It’s one thing to look something up to show the people you’re with, or to check something like time, weather, traffic. It’s another to browse Instagram or Facebook or Reddit in the middle of a conversation with someone.

22. tah4349 needs some space, please.

Yesterday morning I was at the gym and I was the only person on a line of 15 empty elipticals. Guy comes and gets on the one right next to me. I finish up and move to a bike. Again, I’m the only one on the line of 10 empty bikes. Guy gets off the eliptical and gets on the bike right next to me. Personal bubble, man. It’s 5:00 in the morning and this place is empty. Give me some space.

23. In ScimitarJane’s opinion, kids don’t belong everywhere their parents go.

People who bring their kids to everything, even when the kids were not invited. I’ve seen people do this at weddings, baby showers, etc. Is the invitation addressed to only one person? Then you are almost certainly the only person invited. Get a baby-sitter, leave them home with the other parent, or just send your wishes and don’t go…

23 people on some seriously irritating breeches of etiquette that need to be addressed 23 23 people on the one rude behavior that makes them rage

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