Taylor Swift is taunting everyone with these confusing snake videos, and I am exhausted

As you may or may not know, Taylor Swift had a social media blackout on Friday, and all of her accounts were deleted, much to fans’ dismay. Some initially assumed that Taylor was attempting to give herself a bit of solitude, particularly in the aftermath of her sexual harassment trial.

However, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Tay-Tay is most definitely up to something.

Yesterday, Taylor’s Instagram account came back to life when she posted a cryptic, muted video of what appears to be a reptilian, snake-like creature.

Taylor followed up with yet another bizarre and confusing snake video earlier today.

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Comments are disabled on the videos, and the clips are currently the only posts on Swift’s now-barren Instagram page. She doesn’t even have a profile pic anymore.

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that some sort of album and/or single announcement is coming (probably on Friday, because that’s how “hype week” works). One could also assume that the snake videos are a clear, thumb-biting nod to the many snake emoji Taylor received when Kim Kardashian revealed Taylor’s alleged duplicity, and the public’s subsequent assumption that Taylor is two-faced and untrustworthy — i.e., “a snake.”

To which I just have to say: okay, honey, we get it. You’re embracing your snakiness. I’m very happy for you. Just please release your damn album/single already so I can stop theorizing as to what you’re up to.

Fortunately, the rest of Twitter seems to be reveling in Taylor’s reptilian taunts.

Welp. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens! And by “wait and see,” I mean refresh social media furiously and try to decode nonsensical clips of cold-blooded animals.

Taylor, sweetie: please just admit you’re “back” already so I can get some damn rest.

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