Watch Dr. Pimple Popper slay this heinous unicorn cyst

If it’s weird, gross, and totally wild, it’s probably a Dr. Pimple Popper video.

This week, Dr. Lee and the eternal joy that is the world wide web have brought us a mythical creature lost to the ages. Not sure what the whole backstory is on this beastie, but her patient did note that he popped this lipoma himself 6 years ago, and it oozed “white, cottage cheese.” But since you’re a Dr. PP pro, you know that that isn’t enough to really get rid of a cyst – you have to cut out the sack too.

It’s worth noting that before they start the procedure, this gentleman shows Dr. Lee the most gorgeous pink opal necklace I’ve ever seen. And I’m not even a little bit weirded out that it looks eerily like the accessory he’s been sporting on his forehead for a couple years. He probably got it to commemorate the death of his fairy tale friend – in which case, bravo, sir.

And because she’s a damn saint of dermatology, Dr. L is gonna make sure this gentleman’s scar blends right into his natural forehead crease. #blessed.

If blood isn’t your thing, but goopy globs are, go ahead and skip to 2:44 for the poppin’.

dr pimple popper no more unicorns 2 Watch Dr. Pimple Popper slay this heinous unicorn cyst

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