These 14 happy things that happened to people in the last 24 hours will give you a shred hope

When life hands you a bunch of crap-tastic news, sometimes we forget to think about the positive moments that happen every single damn day. But sometimes it’s the simple things like catching a smile from a stranger or getting a surprise text from your crush that can instantly lighten one’s mood in seconds.

So when these Redditors were asked about the happiest thing that’s happened to them in the last 24 hours, they didn’t disappoint. Next time you’re going through a rough patch, think about something simply positive. You might be pleasantly surprised.

1. meta-cognizant deserves a serious high freaking five.

I hit my goal for weight loss that I’ve had for the past year and eight months.

2. Back2Bach celebrated another year of awesome.

I baked a birthday cake for my neighbor and brought it to her. She’s 94 today!

3. Sometimes it’s just a bathroom stop that feels life-changing, like suicidalgoat.

Finally shat. Been constipated for 4 days due to a poor diet and stress at work.

The agony and ecstasy was both brutal and amazing.

4. Portarossa had a notable accomplishment.

I finished the second draft of my new novel, which means I’m officially all-go to launch it in September after waiting what feels like forever.

5. Cheers to new chapters for slum_bum.

I’m on a really hardcore diet after putting on a bunch of weight during a toxic relationship. It’s been since April and it got more extreme when my Fiancee cheated on me and left in June. I was wearing size 46 jeans and nothing would fit and I felt like shit about myself previous to starting.

Last night I bought a pair of size 38 skinny jeans that would have fit me about 7 years ago and I look great. I also picked up a pair of Jordans to go with it. I got out to my car after the purchase and started crying of happiness.

PS. I have a date tonight. :3

6. coxmi beat the odds.

Won 5 dollars in lottery.

7. NotUglyNuff prompted the Reddit thread question and shared his adorable response.

For me, it was a girl I like texting me first and saying “Good morning, have a nice day”

8. BalderGuard had a serious conversation with his lady.

Me and my girlfriend of 3 years are finally planning to move in together.

9. Two_kids_two_pugs witnessed an unforgettable mom moment.

My daughter started to talk. It’s small (Da Da, Ma Ma, Hi, Bye) but she is smiling and talking like crazy now.

10. i-am-willow got a nod from the boss man.

One of the leaders in my industry travelled across the country and observed my work yesterday and then complimented my performance, said I was doing everything perfectly. That was a good feeling.

11. shiguywhy is staying optimistic with his baking.

My grandma taught me how to make biscuits after 24 years of begging her to teach me.

I made some today and they turned out like shit, but considering her recipe is “some flour, just enough milk, and a bit of oil”, I don’t feel too bad. It’s all about figuring it out. I’ll try again tomorrow.

12. Awwwstrich is surrounded by support.

I ate a pint of Culver’s custard by myself, and my boyfriend just smiled and said, “Never change, Darling”. So I’ve got that going for me.

13. notthethirdswitch had a “phew!” moment.

Had surgery yesterday and was expecting them to find a bunch of potentially cancerous polyps, based on symptoms I’ve been having. To my great relief, everything was clear!

14. murder_kitty‘s work was finally recognized and that’s a good feeling.

I’ve been working really hard on a database for the last three years. It’s been a tough sell to convince the senior management that it is useful and superior to paper documentation. Today, I got an email saying that I received an award from senior management for leading this project, detailing how useful it’s been to them lately. 🙂

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