People on Twitter are revealing their oldest grudges, and the bitterness is alive and well, y’all

You know how someone wronged you in elementary school, and, as the years go by, instead of gradually getting over it, you hang on to your contempt? Everyone has at least one of these grudges that’s managed to stand the test of time — and Twitter is has collectively decided to unleash all of theirs onto the world.

It all started when Nicole Cliffe started a Twitter thread imploring her followers to share their “oldest and most cherished” grudges.

And if there’s one thing people on Twitter are good at, it’s airing their grievances! It wasn’t long before Nicole’s thread went viral, with over 7,000 responses.

Though people’s grudges were pretty personal and specific, they were certainly impassioned.

You could practically feel the bitterness seeping through the keyboard — but it certainly seemed cathartic for everybody to divulge the biggest chips on their shoulders.

Thankfully, Nicole eventually ended the thread on a positive note by reminding everyone that the best revenge of all is living well, of course.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go lay down and think about every passive aggressive action someone has made against me …

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