These girls transformed their college dorm room, and it is truly next level

Living in a dorm room can be valuable for social experimentation, but let’s be real: the experience is far from glamorous. Not only are you sleeping on plastic-coated mattresses, but you’re often surrounded by painted cinderblock walls and laminate tile flooring. The whole thing can make for a pretty grim aesthetic — that is, unless you get creative.

Texas State University freshmen Adeline Vela and Skylar Bantz recently became dorm roommates after bonding in a Facebook chatroom with other students. The two realized that they have similar tastes and style, which is fortunate, since their new dorm room was definitely lacking in charm.

“After chatting we thought it would be a great idea to become roommates,” Bantz told Teen Vogue. “We both had a similar style so we decided to focus first on a color scheme and go from there. We wanted something that was inviting, simple, but still elegant and comfortable.”

The pair managed to use temporary wallpaper, lofted beds and curtains to give the room a much more dignified and classy feel.

“Since we were unable to paint the room this gave the entire room a more inviting feel,” Bantz said. “You can find (the wallpaper) online anywhere but it’s important that you (make sure it’s) fire retardant if you are planning on putting it in a dorm room. We also used peel-and-stick marble contact paper on the desk that made it look like in marble desk and you can find this as well online.”

The pair also got help from Bantz’s mom, Sheila Ybarra.

“We are pretty budget friendly, so most of the items we got were from IKEA, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon,” Ybarra told the San Antonio Express-News. All in all, the room makeover ended up costing under $500.

So, remember: just because you’re stuck with a depressing and drab space doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. All you need is some temporary wallpaper, a little panache and some damn twinkle lights!

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