This woman’s empowering letter to female workers is inspiring

There was a woman in London’s Kings Cross Station handing out inspirational flyers that urged women not to hide their femininity in the workplace.

Twitter user RIOTGAL (@Sophia Tassew) is a twenty-year-old art director who passed out flyers with a very important message for women.

The flyer reads:

Boy Poison

Give them direct eye contact. Speak with a loud clear voice. Always make sure your handshake is firm. Don’t apologise for talking about what you love. Stand up for your ideas. Think like a girl. Confuse them with embracing all forms of your femininity and dominance at the same time. 

Sophia tweeted that the title threw people at first, but when she watched them read the note something clicked.

However, because it’s 2017 and you can get offended for anything, the title, “Boy Poison,” has rubbed a couple people the wrong way.

If all you can see is the title, and you ignore the message, frankly you’re missing the point. Unfortunately, it’s a poison in and of itself these days, that most people will only read a headline and think they fully understand the facts enough to raise hell about it.

The author of the note, Sophia Tassew told Mashable that she got the idea for the letter from her own experiences working in an industry dominated by men. “If you speak up you’re seen as too overbearing and if not people treat you like you’re a fragile doll that can only do certain things,” says Tassew.

But Tassew’s message is loud and clear for all women who have felt that they can’t be “too female” at work, lest it condemn them as being “emotional” or confrontational.

And the title? Tassew saw Boy Poison written somewhere while doing research and just liked the way it sounded. “I just wanted to write something out of a frustration but mostly a place from love. I guess some men feel insecure about really confident women. It’s almost like kryptonite. Almost poison for some,” she said.

*claps forever*

this womans empowering letter to female workers is inspiring 2 This womans empowering letter to female workers is inspiring

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