Drake and Josh finally hugged it out at the VMAs and hopefully resolved their drama

As you may or may not know, former Nickelodeon stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck have seemingly been on the outs with one another ever since Drake realized that he had not merited an invite to Josh’s wedding back in June. Things became even messier when Drake tweeted out some bitter remarks about the snub.

Even though Drake later apologized for letting his emotions get the best of him with his tweets, it definitely didn’t seem like these two were back on friendly terms by any means.

However, when Drake and Josh ran into one another before the VMAs, they shared a hug which seemed to put the rumors about their estrangement to rest.

Hug me….

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Both of them posted matching Instagram snapshots of the moment, accompanied by the caption, “Hug me … “

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Thankfully, it seems like the Cold War between these two has come to a close, and we can all finally move on to much more important matters (like discussing Katy Perry’s hosting of the VMAs, which was nothing if not a train wreck).

Regardless of what VH1 may have taught us, sometimes celebrity feuds can actually be resolved in a peaceful manner!

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