So, let’s talk about the surprisingly satisfying death on the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

I feel as though this goes without saying, but: if you haven’t watched last night’s Game of Thrones finale, then this post probably isn’t for you, as it is riddled with spoilers. Watch that sh*t and get back to me, fam.

So, last night, that plotting, conniving Littlefinger got his comeuppance in the form of a slit throat, courtesy of the Stark kids (though credit where credit is due to Arya, who actually did the slitting).

Littlefinger’s doom was sealed when Sansa called Arya into her chamber, under the guise of trying her sister for treason. It wasn’t until the stage was convincingly set that Sansa, Bran and Arya revealed that Littlefinger was actually the one who would be answering for his crimes.

There have been whispers and murmurs about such a plot twist throughout this last season. As one astute Redditor pointed out, every Season 7 scene with Littlefinger involved the sound of cawing Ravens — which may have very well been a not-so-subtle hint that Bran was watching Littlefinger’s every shady move, ultimately culminating in this receipt-filled execution scene.

Though Littlefinger’s help certainly tilted the odds in Jon’s favor during the Battle of the Bastards, his plethora of seedy and underhanded dealings was enough cause for Twitter to rejoice in his death.

I suppose we never should have doubted Arya and Sansa’s competency, even when matched with Littlefinger’s sneakiness. And, I suppose Bran is finally turning out to be useful, despite his creepy fugues and his new, stilted personality.

Too bad there’s an army of the dead marching past the wall and toward all of them now.

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