This woman braved Hurricane Harvey to give free beer to news anchors, because that’s the Texas way

Unless you’ve been too distracted by the VMAs and the Game of Thrones finale to bother yourself with real-world crises (because escapism is real), then you are well-aware of the devastating storm ravaging the coast of Texas, which has been dubbed “Hurricane Harvey.”

The storm is apparently the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in over 50 years — but, despite this sobering reality, many Texans are coping with the natural disaster while maintaining their good humor and hospitality.

Fox News reporter Casey Stegall was in Galveston, TX reporting on the “life-threatening storm,” when he was approached in the pouring rain by a woman offering him a six-pack of beer.

Because when life gives you tropical storms, it’s time to imbibe, I guess! (As someone who was born and raised in Texas, I can confirm that this is typically true.)

Stegall later took to Twitter to add that he was very appreciative of the stranger’s kindness and a “moment of levity” while reporting “on serious matters.”

For the record, Texans aren’t simply handing out brews as their method of dealing with the disaster — there are many civilians doing their part to rescue both humans and animals trapped in flooded areas. Because that’s truly the Texas way of helping out.

Stay safe out there, y’all.

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