Target is unveiling a line of $5 wines, so cheap partygoers are officially blessed

If you’re one of the many who feels strangely drawn to the comforting fluorescent lights and bright red walls of Target, then rejoice: you will soon have a new go-to source for super-cheap bottles of wine.

Target is releasing a collection of $5 bottles of wine, just in time for all our favorite boozy holidays.

As the Target press release states:

We’re introducing a new line of wines with profiles—and prices—that’ll have you sipping for joy. Say hello to California Roots: Five wine blends carefully crafted with premium, California-grown grapes. And the best part? All this pure vineyard-to-table goodness is just $5 a bottle—and only at Target, starting Sept. 3.

That’s right: you will soon have a new go-to cheap wine that is marginally classier than “Two Buck Chuck” and has a pretty-looking label!

pull over target is unveiling a line of 5 wines lr 2 Target is unveiling a line of $5 wines, so cheap partygoers are officially blessed

The California Roots wine collection includes a Chardonnay (“Lush tropical fruit flavors and a bright finish will transport you to a warm, sunny day at the farmers market”), a Pinot Grigio (“Vibrant citrus and tropical fruit flavors let you enjoy the fresh, easygoing feeling of summer any time of the year”), a Moscato (“Delicate aromas and creamy peach and melon flavors make every day feel a little more special”), a Cabernet Sauvignon (“Juicy cherry flavors, hints of oak and graceful finish elevate even the simplest pleasures”) and a Red Blend (“Smooth berry and cherry flavors with hints of spice offer the perfect antidote to the workweek”).

The California Roots wines will be available in every Target that sells wine. They’re also not limited edition, so prepare yourselves for this serious party (or weeknight) game-changer.

And hey, who knows? These wines may even taste halfway decent!

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