This new ‘Game of Thrones’ theory is setting up season 8 with some bombshell revelations


If there’s one thing fans of GoT love more than the show itself, it’s coming up with theories about what to expect for upcoming episodes. At this point in the HBO series, the storyline has had to diverge from the novels. The fifth book in the novel series, A Dance With Dragons makes up much of Season 6. Season 7 of the show was written by the Game of Thrones writing staff, with many of its storylines getting final approval from A Song of Ice and Fire creator and show Executive Producer George RR Martin.

Because of there’s no longer a viable outline for show writers to stem from, it’s become a pastime of fans and followers of the books and/or show to take to the internet with their own insights into what we can expect of Game of Thrones.

The most recent connection people have made is what Bran Stark’s Three-Eyed Raven status means for the storyline. Specifically, what revelations and plot holes he can help fix.

If you recall from the Season 7 finale, Sam made his way to Winterfell after leaving the Citadel because, to quote his father, he was “tired of reading about the accomplishments of better men.” He meets up with Bran to see what happened after Bran and crew got North of the Wall. At this point, Bran tells Sam what he knows about Jon’s lineage, and Sam fills in the gaps where the 3ER hasn’t yet “downloaded” that info:

Bran: Jon isn’t really my father’s son. He’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and my aunt Lyanna Stark. He was born in a tower in Dorne. His last name isn’t really Snow. It’s Sand.

Sam: It’s not.

Bran: Dornish bastards are named Sand.

Sam: At the Citadel, I transcribed a High Septon’s diary. He annulled Rhaegar’s marriage to Elia. He wed Rhaegar and Lyanna in a secret ceremony.

Bran: Are you certain?

Sam: It’s what the High Septon wrote in his private diary. I don’t know why he’d lie. Is this something you can see? 

And then Bran jumps into a vision and watches it go down exactly as Sam said it did.

A post on the Game of Thrones Reddit subpage has the fandom talking about the power the Bran now wields, but he’s not alone…

It reads:

Bran is now…Samwell’s master codex. He is Encyclopedia BritBrannica. To have the most curious character meet and partner with the most omniscient character is to create the Internet in Westeros. Sam won’t have to dig through books and tomes anymore. He can simply BRoogle the answer and away we go. 

They are instantly the most powerful people in Westeros…

this new game of thrones theory is setting up season 8 for some bombshells 2 This new Game of Thrones theory is setting up season 8 with some bombshell revelations


MIND = BLOWN. But what does the mean for future storylines?

The most popular comment on the thread was made by aeter777

Sam will get Bran to figure out how to make Valyrian steel next season.

PlaydoughMonster expands on that: 

With Gendry!?!?!?!?!!!! I need this to happen!

They’ll probably fold dragonglass into steel! Or use dragonfire to smith it!

We know that the army of the dead can be defeated with fire, dragon glass, and Valyrian steel.

The dragons kinda cancel each other out, since the other side has one of their own now. Jon and Dany have a whole heap of dragon glass sitting under her castle on Dragonstone. But there are only a couple of known Valyrian steel swords left in Westeros that the show writers have brought to our attention:

  • Oathkeeper, Jaime’s sword now in the hands of Brienne of Tarth. Forged from Ice, Ned Stark Sword.
  • Widow’s Wail, Joffery’s sword, currently with Jaime Lannister. Also forged from Ice, Ned Stark Sword.
  • Longclaw, John Snow’s sword that originally belonged to House Mormont.
  • Heartsbane, Samwell Tarly’s sword that he took from his father.
  • A dagger that had been used by an assassin who tried to kill Bran. It is now in Arya’s possession.

So there you have it. What are Bran and Sam, the literal “Dream Team” of Westeros capable of discovering with the past, present, and future at their fingertips? What info can they give Daenerys and her army that will help them defeat the White Walkers?

this new game of thrones theory is setting up season 8 with some bombshell revelations 2 This new Game of Thrones theory is setting up season 8 with some bombshell revelations


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