Sansa Stark has no time for your Littlefinger sympathy

During Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale, we all bid adieu to the slimy and untrustworthy Littlefinger as he met his untimely end (or his timely end, I suppose, considering his past behavior). And, while the ol’ Stark sister switcheroo was certainly satisfying, there were a few out there who were hellbent on defending Petyr Baelish and his series of shady dealings.

Some fans felt that Lord Baelish didn’t quite deserve his grisly end, even though it was absolutely poetic justice for him to get outwitted by the Stark sisters.

However, Sophie Turner, AKA Sansa Stark herself, was absolutely not going to tolerate anyone’s attempts to justify Littlefinger’s actions, or say that he deserved redemption.

She reminded everyone that Littlefinger’s ever-changing allegiances weren’t exactly a mark of character, and that every person he helped was also a person he had betrayed.

Sophie wasn’t even tagged in these tweets, so it’s kind of hilarious to imagine that she simply lurks on Twitter after each GoT episode airs, gauging fans’ reactions — and jumping to depend her character’s actions.

Don’t worry, Sophie. Sansa has grown so much over the past few seasons that she’s definitely earned the audience’s respect as a character who deliberates on every one of her decisions. Which, ultimately, makes for a pretty formidable Lady of Winterfell.

So, stop mourning Petyr Baelish and started celebrating Sansa Stark, y’all. In the words of Taylor Swift: “Littlefinger? Oh, he can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because he’s dead.”

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