This mom’s hilarious rant about why parents shouldn’t complain about shopping for school supplies is pure fire

It’s back-to-school season, which means that the shopping for school supplies is well underway. And though many parents consider this to be a necessary evil when it comes to sending their kids back to school, one mom is here to tell them to shut their traps and stop complaining.

That is, unless they want to become full-time teachers.

Dena Blizzard recently made a trip to Target to complete the shopping for her kids’ school supply lists. During her trip, she decided to make a little video to remind other parents why they should stop complaining about buying supplies for their kids’ classrooms. After all, these teachers are taking your children for an entire damn day — the least you could do is buy them a pack of construction paper.

“I’ve been noticing lately, when people are doing their back to school shopping, everybody’s complaining,” she says. “And my thing is… Listen. It’s the end of August. I will give you anything to take my kids. I’ll get you a yellow binder or get you a red binder.”

Dena proceeds to describe the increasingly bizarre items she’s willing to buy her kids’ teachers just so they’ll take her offspring off her hands and teach them a few basic subjects. Microwaves, luggage, welcome mats — if you’re saintly enough to be a teacher at a public elementary school, Dena is happy to buy you whatever the hell you want. Furthermore, she doesn’t really understand why other parents aren’t willing to buy a few boxes of Kleenex in exchange for a full-time mentor and babysitter for their kids during the school year. After all, aren’t you simply happy to get them out of the house?

At one point, Dena even takes out a tiny bottle of wine to sip while she finishes her shopping — because it’s been a long summer, y’all.

Parents everywhere: just be happy that school is starting.

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