There is a deleted scene from the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale that you should probably know about

It’s starting to feel like I should probably just start a new website singularly devoted to dissecting the final episode of Game of Thrones, considering how much time I’ve already spent doing just that. What can I say? It’s just so darn addictive to round up the various pieces of evidence and clues and assemble them into makeshift theories about the episodes to come (like Sherlock Holmes, if Sherlock Holmes investigated things that actually didn’t matter at all).

The most recent GoT clue comes from Isaac Hempstead-Wright, the actor who plays Bran Stark. In an interview with Vulture, Hempstead-Wright dropped some pretty interesting revelations about the ol’ Littlefinger switcheroo and the persistent fan theory that Bran is actually the Night King.

Isaac claims that, although Sansa and Arya ultimately ended up outwitting and killing Littlefinger together, their feuding in earlier episodes was genuine. Apparently, a scene was cut from the episode which heavily implied that Sansa was on the verge of having Arya killed — and things could have gone a totally different route if Bran had not divulged the revelations about Littlefinger.

there is a deleted scene from the game of thrones finale that you should probably know about 2 There is a deleted scene from the Game of Thrones finale that you should probably know about


“There was a scene that we ended up getting rid of, I’m not sure why, where Sansa came to Bran’s chambers and said, ‘I need your help’. The way I understand it, Bran didn’t know what was going on,” Hempstead-Wright says. “It was a battle between Sansa and Arya really, and it wasn’t any of Bran’s business until Sansa thought, ‘Why don’t I fact check this with the best fact checker in the universe?’ and Bran was like, ‘Littlefinger did this and this and this.'”

Don’t worry too much about this little detail, though. Hempstead-Wright is confident that, even if Sansa had not come to him, Bran would have eventually intervened, despite his incurable bout of weirdness.

“He wouldn’t have sat there while Arya got killed by Sansa, because Bran would have known that wasn’t the way things had to go. He would have known, ‘I need to be here to reveal what the truth is.'”

Um, OKAY. It definitely took Bran AGES to reveal Jon Snow’s lineage, but WHATEVER. I’ll suspend my disbelief for a moment.

Hempstead-Wright also weighed in on the theory that Bran and the Night King are somehow the same person, and according to the actor, this theory doesn’t really have any weight.

“I think it’s less that they’re the same person and more that they’re two of the ancient beings of Westeros. The Three-Eyed Raven has been around for God knows how long, and White Walkers have been reported since the beginning of time,” he says. “As we’ve seen, they were created by the Children of the Forest, so we can’t get much more ancient than that. Perhaps we can think of it as these are two characters with a huge amount of power, but one is a Frankenstein’s monster who is driven by nothing but hatred and violence. Then there’s Bran, who uses his powers for good. I want to find out why the Night King is so obsessed with destroying mankind. We’ll see whether they have any kind of explanations in the next season. Hopefully we’ll find out cool stuff about both of those characters.”

Here’s hoping! Perhaps Bran will get a little bit better at communicating with other people before we check in on him again.

Or, Perhaps he’ll just remain maddeningly cryptic until the last possible moment.

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