These two BFFs got Snapchat revenge on a shady guy, thanks to a pair of socks and a hilarious photoshoot

If you’re in the early stages of dating someone, then there’s a decent chance you haven’t talked about exclusivity. It’s not unreasonable to expect that they might be “dating” other people. That said, such knowledge doesn’t alleviate that little nugget of jealousy when you discover them fooling around with another girl.

And in those moments, you can choose to ignore their behavior — or, you can play the game yourself.

When 19-year-old Beth Baston realized that the guy she was seeing had another girl in his Snapchat photos, she enlisted the help of her BFF, Alicia Carley, to engineer their own Snapchat revenge. “We saw a Snap of the boy in bed with another girl,” Beth told Someecards. “His friend had a taken it forgetting he had me on Snap.”

So, the girls decided to make the shady guy jealous with a carefully crafted photo. The master plan? Alicia posed with a roll of socks in her sweatpants so that it would look like Beth was spending the evening with a (*ahem*) quite well-endowed gentleman.

“I wasn’t upset for too long as it was quite a new thing happening, so we tried to find the funnier side by doing this,” Beth says.

The Snapchat results were honestly pretty convincing.

these two bffs got revenge on a shady guy lr 2 These two BFFs got Snapchat revenge on a shady guy, thanks to a pair of socks and a hilarious photoshoot

(I mean, I have to wonder how someone could look at this photo and not think that Beth was simply sitting around in weirdly lumpy sweatpants, but hey, no plan is perfect.)

Beth may have hatched the plan to make her suitor jealous, but Alicia gets the credit for the genius sock-dick concept.

“It was my idea to take a pic making it look like I’m with a boy and my friend decided to go extra by making a dick out of socks and put on some boxers,” Alicia told Someecards. “We had such a laugh taking the pictures trying to get the right angle where the ‘dick’ looked bigger!”

As for the fuckboi’s response? Beth says the faux penis seems to have sent him scampering.

“He saw the snap and I haven’t seen anything of his since.”

And special props to Alicia for creating such an impressive specimen.

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