13 people share the most brilliant and hilarious pieces of advice they’ve ever gotten from their sisters

Sisters can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, they can teach you invaluable lessons — but they can also steal all of your Barbies. They may stand by you during difficult times, but they may also recount tales of your most humiliating moments to your new boyfriend.

For better or worse, you’re always going to share a special connection with them. And, chances are, they’ve imparted some invaluable lessons to you over the course of the years.

We asked Berry readers to share the funniest, most memorable or most insightful pieces of advice they’ve ever received from their sisters — and it’s pretty clear that, even if the sisterly advice isn’t always spectacularly wise, it’s definitely entertaining.

1. keriatwell basically owes her career to her wise sis:

Going through college, my sis said I should try education and I said no way…12 years later and a Master’s in education, it was one of the best decisions I made. Thanks Seester!

2. eperkins613‘s sister isn’t the overly-cautious type:

“Get the tattoo.”

3. thuggy___t‘s sister was there with the one truly invaluable piece of beauty advice:

“Take good care of your skin.”

4. heathersita22‘s sister doesn’t want her to waste precious time on guys:

Recently my baby sister gave me relationship advice and told me to “Stop babying him! He is a grown ass man and you NEED to focus on yourself! Its ok to be selfish from time to time.”

5. 89tigerlilly‘s stepsister was a beacon of hope in the onslaught of puberty:

My stepsister had to tell me how to use a tampon. My mom was against them but thankfully my sister’s mom taught her.

6. loves_asian‘s sister kept her advice short ‘n sweet:

My older sister once told me…”stay outta my shit.”

7. fireworkdaisy is inspired by her sister on a daily basis:

My sister is Autistic. She has taught me to find joy in everything that you do. If can’t find happiness or joy, then it’s not worth pursuing.

8. cgalle58‘s sister knows how to f*cking prioritize:

When we were younger we had a midnight curfew and were invited to a party which would mean we wouldn’t meet our curfew and I reminded her of that. Her response: “If we go home right now we’re still going to be like fifteen minutes late and will still get into trouble, right? So, if we go to this party we’re still gonna be late, so if we’re still going to get punished, why not make it worth it!?”

9. shananolan‘s sister encouraged her to explore all that life has to offer before settling down:

“Don’t have kids in your 20s. Use that decade to find yourself and be selfish.”

10. britishchiver‘s sister really had their best interests in mind with this nugget of wisdom:

“Meat shouldn’t be green. I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.”

11. megandrus has a sister who is all about playing the long game:

“Don’t trade what you truly want for what you want right now.”

12. missrobson_‘s sister spoke the damn truth:

“Take your time with dating. What you want when you’re 20 is entirely different than what you want when you’re 30.”

13. narnianstars‘s sister has some pretty solid advice for ALL of us:

“Don’t be a bitch.”

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