This woman’s never-ending revenge plan for a guy who wronged her is so good that I want to be her friend

When things end in a relationship or fling, some contentious feelings might remain. It’s a matter of what you do with those contentious feelings that really define who you are as a person. Do you ignore them and move forward? Do you antagonize your ex in-person or via text?

Or, do you simply find subtle ways to fuck with their head forever and ever?

One woman apparently prefers the latter option, and her strategy for getting back at a guy on her shit list is so simplistically brilliant, we should all take notes.

It all started when Daniel Jones revealed a screenshot of a text he received from some random guy named Jared. Apparently, Jared had hit on one of Daniel’s former paramours at a bar, and instead of giving Jared her real number, the girl had given him Daniel’s. (Because what better way to get revenge than to ensure that your ex has years of wrong numbers and confusing texts from fuckbois ahead of them?)

Daniel tweeted about the textual encounter, saying, “A girl I screwed over once upon a time now gives my number to all the guys she’s not interested in at the bars. Well played.”

Twitter was collectively floored by the simple genius of this spurned woman’s plan.

Quite a few people were even clamoring to be her friend and/or propose.

Some folks had to take a moment to applaud Daniel for being big enough to admit that HE had been the one to screw someone over.

But, the real question remains: where can we find this generous Jared, so he can buy us all drinks?

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