People are falling over laughing at this Irish family trying to catch a bat in their kitchen

One of the many joys of working for the internet is never knowing what utter nonsense is going to find its way onto my newsfeed. Yesterday, a man was trapped in his apartment by a UPS package, this morning a girl went to the ultimate lengths to hide her bowel movements from her Tinder date, and now I’ve discovered quite possibly the most hilarious video ever shared on social media.

An unsuspecting Irish family was recently terrorized by a bat trapped in their kitchen and the footage of their attempts to capture it is pure gold.

Tadhg Fleming from Kerry, Ireland was at home with his family when a bat flew into their kitchen and he captured the entire encounter on video.

In the video, shared on Tuesday, Fleming’s dad is seen attempting to capture the bat with a rag in the family kitchen. As if this wasn’t interesting enough, Fleming’s frantic commentary is downright hilarious.

“So a Bat flew into our house last night…. safe to say it was dealt with in a calm and mannerly fashion,” Fleming wrote.

Naturally, the video started going viral and Twitter users are losing their minds.

People are even highlighting their favorite moments.

The dog was my favorite part too.

Thank you, Ireland for making our day. Dwight would be proud.

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