This fitness vlogger shared the laundry list of edits that Instagram stars make to their photos, and it’s staggering

Instagram is full of poppin’ booty photos and envious bikini pics for days — but just how realistic are these images, anyway? One fitness vlogger is here to remind everyone that there are standard edits that most popular Instagram images go through before they’re posted.

Spoiler alert: they’re usually heavily Photoshopped.

Karina Irby, the 27-year-old fitness vlogger and founder of the swimsuit company Moana Bikini, is ready to set the record straight when it comes to Instagram influencers. Irby wants women to know that, even though many of these Instagram celebrities’ snapshots look candid, they are often heavily edited.

Irby recently posted side-by-side photos of her butt, with and without editing, to show her followers just what kind of editing goes into the classic “Instagram girl” photo.

screen shot 2017 09 07 at 1 21 45 pm This fitness vlogger shared the laundry list of edits that Instagram stars make to their photos, and its staggering

Her Instagram caption reads:

Every morning I wake up and scroll though my personal Instagram feed and spy “Insta Girls” posting unrealistic images of themselves.
The girls I follow that portray these images have big followings, often with hundreds of thousands of young girls looking up to them as a role models.
As I scroll though the comments I find young girls tagging their friends “GOALS” and “OMG WHY DONT I LOOK LIKE THIS😭😭”

Karina lists all of the adjustments she made to her original photo to achieve the “Insta-worthy” snapshot, and it’s clear that photos like this are anything but candid:

The truth is these girls don’t looks like this. They look like you, like everyone. 
I have gone ahead and copied the classic “Insta Girl Edit” in my second image and listed below is what I have done to it:
Full body skin smooth
Enlarged my booty
Sucked in my tummy
Sucked in my back
Thinned out my arms
Thinned out my quads
Made my neck a tad skinnier
Got rid of my scars and cellulite
Made my breast rounder
Lifted my booty

And yes — she realizes that the horizon in the photo is subsequently warped by all of the edits, and that’s kind of her point. People can become so fixated on editing their bodies that they end up changing the entire photo, turning the snapshot into a complete fabrication:

After all these little tweaks, can you notice how my horizon is warped? 
So many girls are so into how their Insta image is going to be portrayed that they don’t even notice they have warped the background!?
Ladies, I’m not here to play mean girl towards others. I simply want to #inspire you to love yourself and stop comparing yourselves to unrealistic images online.
Look out for the signs of the “Insta Girl Edit” and don’t take social media too seriously.
Let’s get real.

Words of wisdom from a woman who clearly knows bikinis (and Instagram). So, don’t compare yourself to all of those unrealistic Instagram photos out there — chances are, those photos have already been through Photoshop once or twice, and what you’re looking at might as well be a painting.

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