16 really stupid ways to injure yourself that you can’t help but laugh at

Everyone is really good at defining the word regret at some point in their life. Because no matter how smart or perfect people think they are, we all have at least one “what was I thinking?” moment we so desperately wish we could take back.

And it’s the simple, idiotic ideas that are the most hilarious. Which is why when these Redditors revealed the stupidest way they injured themselves, we had to share.

1. TastySpermDispenser made his own painful situation on accident.

I sat on my own testicle.

2. bitchtalk‘s phone must have been a Nokia.

Earlier I bust open my lip dropping my phone on my face. It still stings.

3. Bless you, sev45day.

I’ve thrown my back out with a sneeze… twice.

4. 5meterhammer had good intentions.

Went running across our frozen pond to slide and impress my son. Made it 5 feet before wiping out and cracking my skull. 14 stitches and a very unimpressed 4 yo boy

5. 7Soul ran in the wrong direction.

I fell on my treadmill yesterday ):

6. K_Murphy‘s fear of monsters was real.

When I was 8 I was afraid of monsters under my bed, which was situated right under a window in my room. One night I turned off the light, took a running leap, and launched myself across the room to avoid stepping near the bed and landed on my lip, on the corner of the windowsill. Needed stitches.

7. Trying to visualize Gracynvh‘s story will make you laugh.

I one time accidentally locked my self in a dog kennel (with a dog) and then tried to climb out just to end up falling onto the ground and hurting my arm

8. The window was too clean for theludo33.

I hit a perfect clean glass door.

9. ace0fskulls used a little too much force.

Kicked a bin at work. Broke a toe.

10. SqueeksAndTheBean was just having a normal conversation until…

I stapled my own finger. Very casually. I was chatting with a customer at an old job and toying with the stapler when I accidentally squeezed it on my pinky. Not my most clever moment.

11. Hoosierfootballsucks used his rage in the wrong way.

I punched a goalpost. It won.

12. Automobiles that aren’t moving are really the dangerous objects for danderson24

Crashed my bicycle into a parked truck…

..I don’t remember anything after slamming into the truck, but I do remember waking up on the ground with my white T-shirt covered in blood…

13. Even stretching is unsafe, according to joker29th.

Pulled a muscle in my neck…… stretching in the shower.

14. I_4m_4w3s0m3 was just trying to let it free.

I hit my arm against a cupboard while throwing a moth outside.

15. fabulin thought it was a good idea at the time.

I was heating up water to cook some pasta but the water was taking ages to boil so for some reason i decided the best way to check the temperature was with my tongue. needless to say i got severely scolded and had to go to the hospital. the stupid thing was, i was 18 when this happened

16. This orange drink did it for EmperorOfNipples.

When I was 11 I drank 1.5 litres of Sunny Delight in one go. I was incapacitated for nearly 90 minutes.

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