One glasses hack every four-eyes needs to know about

Glasses are arguably the most fashionable things you can add to your face. But when it comes to keeping these beauties in great shape, this fragile eyewear can be a high maintenance b*tch.

Anyone who wears glasses knows it’s incredibly easy to mess with specs on accident. Because wearing eyewear comes with it’s obstacles — like instant fogging after opening the dishwasher, attempting to wear 3D movie glasses, getting hair stuck on the hinge and feeling naked without them.

Not to mention, finding a scratch on your glasses is the second worst thing to happen other than misplacing them. So if your eye glasses are scratched, prevent paying a pricey penny to replace them and try a 10-minute DIY trick instead.

Don’t discard, just repair!

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This glass hack requires nothing more than two home remedies you probably use every single day:

A soft wool cloth or cotton 

Non-abrasive toothpaste (gel won’t work)

How it works:

Buff away scratches by gently rubbing the eye glass lens. Gently move in small circles for about 10 seconds. Rinse with cold water then wipe until dry. Repeat the process once more if your scratch is a bit more stubborn than normal.

Then violà, instantly enjoy seeing again!

one glasses hack every four eyes needs to know about 2 One glasses hack every four eyes needs to know about

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