Chrissy Teigen live-tweeted an uncensored naked dating show, and her glee is infectious

By now, shows like Naked and Afraid and Dating Naked don’t really really phase the American public — namely because these shows blur out all genitals and scandalous body parts. It’s like watching Survivor if everyone was wearing nude-colored body stockings.

However, British broadcasting is apparently not encumbered by U.S. puritanical morals, and is perfectly happy to show everybody’s bits when it comes to reality TV. How do I know this? Well, our favorite cookbook author/supermodel Chrissy Teigen recently discovered this titillating fact while vacationing in London.

Teigen is currently visiting her husband, John Legend, while he’s on tour in England, and she stayed back at the hotel to be with the couple’s daughter, Luna. To occupy herself, Teigen began exploring the English television offerings, and was horrified/delighted to discover a show entitled Naked Attraction.

Apparently, the show literally judges people based on their genitals — and there is no censoring whatsoever.

Teigen was so affected that she actually live-tweeted the viewing experience.

She really couldn’t believe how many penises were on her screen.

She sympathized with the losers. (Whose pride must have taken a severe blow.)

She judged Josh. (To be fair, it sounds like he deserved it.)

Teigen eventually had to change the channel in order to save face with the room service staff — but we all know the truth.

Honestly? When you’re hanging out by yourself in a hotel room with a sleeping baby, a TV show about naked dating is probably a welcome distraction.

No judgement, Chrissy.

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