Real-life Disney princess Kristen Bell sang ‘Frozen’ songs for Hurricane Irma evacuees

Talented actress, singer, super mom and all-around phenomenal human Kristen Bell is often cited as one of our favorite female celebrities. In addition to all of these incredible qualities, we’ve recently discovered that Bell is also the kind of person you want to be with during a natural disaster.

Last weekend, amidst the madness of Hurricane Irma, the actress stopped by an Orlando shelter housing several evacuees and serenaded them with iconic Frozen songs. What better way to ride out a storm?

During Hurricane Irma, Kristen Bell made it her mission to lift the spirits of Florida residents.

Bell decided to entertain herself and the few thousand senior residents, who had been evacuated to the same hotel, by kicking off a game of Bingo.

Including sweet John, an elderly man who serenaded her at their hotel.

She captioned the photo, “Dear @daxshepard1, this is john. My side piece in orlando. I hope u understand. Im powerless over a man who serenades me.”

To which the supportive Dax replied,

Best. Couple. Ever.

Bell also stopped by a shelter for evacuees at Meadow Woods Middle School and sang iconic Frozen songs to families waiting out the storm.

“When you’re #singinginahurricane, your volunteer back up dancers can & will steal the show,” Bell wrote. “Richard and Rebecca everyone!”

Honestly, what better way to ride out a terrifying storm than with Kristen Bell singing you Frozen tunes? Bell is too pure for this world. *sniff* I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye, okay!?

The actress even helped her Frozen co-star Josh Gadd and his family find a safe haven during the hurricane.

“So @kristenanniebell literally saved my parents and my entire family tonight from #hurricaneirma . When they were stranded in Florida, she got them a hotel room at her hotel in Orlando and saved them, my brothers, my sister-in-law and niece and nephew. They don’t make them like this girl. Thank you Kristin. You are truly an angel sent from above. And thank you @ewablueeyes for bother her when I asked you not to!!!!” Gad wrote.

Safe to say, Kristen is the ideal companion for any natural disaster.

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