The first ‘Mean Girls’ musical promo is out and the Broadway-bound Plastics don’t disappoint

After first hearing that the 2004 Mean Girls film was making it’s way to the musical stage, it was not only exciting but kind of terrifying. But after realizing Tina Fey teamed up with her husband Jeff Richmond to bring this musical version to life, the anxiousness turned into excitement because if anyone can live up to the pressure, Tina Fey can.

Mean Girls is one of the most iconic films every teenage girl born in the late ’80s to early ’90s raved about — so, no pressure or anything.

But after seeing the first promo, it’s looking like this plastic cast might be living up to standards and we’re excited for it.

Check it out below:

Mean Girls: The Musical will run at the National Theater in Washington F.C. from October 31st to December 3rd and then the plastics are set to tear up the stage in New York shortly afterward.

NYC Tickets go on sale October 3rd (because obviously).

the first mean girls musical promo is out and the broadway bound plastics dont disappoint 2 The first Mean Girls musical promo is out and the Broadway bound Plastics dont disappoint

Thank god for Tina Fey, y’all.


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