This daughter left for college and her mom promptly gave her room to the dog

Moving away to go to college often means that your living space becomes fair game for repurposing. Suddenly, your former bedchamber could become a multipurpose room, an office, or your mom’s dedicated craft space. Or, if you have a family pet, your room might just be claimed by your furry little brother or sister — depending on how spoiled they are.

When Maddie went off to her freshman year at Texas A&M, she learned pretty quickly that the family dog, Nina, was happily taking over her place in the family — specifically, taking up residence in her room.

Maddie’s mom sent her a screenshots of Nina enjoying her new living space, and it’s pretty clear that the little pupper feels right at home.

Maddie says that, though Nina was initially her puppy, Nina and her mom have become utterly inseparable.

“Originally we bought the dog for me, it was my Christmas present,” Maddie told BuzzFeed News“Ever since we got her, my mom has been completely in love. Nina is literally her third child.”

Twitter was totally on board with Nina’s appropriation of Maddie’s room — after all, I think we can all agree that she earned it with her cuteness.

Sorry, college kids. This is how room succession is supposed to go. Once you’ve moved out of the house, your dog officially assumes the right to your living space (if they haven’t done so already).

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