This bakery fights back at internet trolls with personalized cakes, and they had us at cake

We live in a cynical world, where it’s never been easier for strangers to voice their unpopular opinions safely behind their keyboards. But every now and then someone comes along with a delightful way to call out those who forget about common human decency.

Kat Thek, the baker behind NYC’s Troll Cakes has a very simple mission: she takes internet comments, bakes them onto a cake, and then boxes them up and mails them to the insensitive person who posted it.

hateful beth troll cake mqhhrr This bakery fights back at internet trolls with personalized cakes, and they had us at cake

For a mere $35, you can fight fire with fire … or with sugar. So if there’s someone who rubbed you the wrong way on the internet, just screen shot a pic of their passive aggression, and place an order. Thek even includes a screen shot of the original comment so that the aggressor can revel in their own idocracy. I would say you’d be surprised at how many include poor grammar and spelling errors, but you wouldn’t be.

Made from a comment left on Jerry Seinfeld's instagram post about doubling donations made to a charity. #trollcakes

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What inspired Thek to whip up cakes from unsavory comments?

In an interview with CNN, the baker recounts the time she came across an especially rude comment someone left on Dolly Parton’s Facebook page, stating “Your Momma be so disappointed,” and felt compelled to get her bake on. She tells CNN, “I felt a little weird sending a mean cake to a grandma, but she said that to Dolly Parton!” To which we agree, because Dolly is a legend. “There’s no way anyone is disappointed by Dolly Parton, especially her mother. Also, she’s 71 years old. That’s just crazy. So, I was like, ‘That’s going on a cake.'” And the rest is dessert history.

But what if you don’t know the hater’s address?

In that case, some detective work is involved on Thek’s end and the price jumps to $60. But it’s all in a day’s work when you can immortalize someone’s assholery (™) in frosted goodness, and hit them at home.

Private order. Posted with permission.

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Don’t have anyone in mind, but you enjoy this level of baked good pettiness? Get a load of these confectionary confrontations on Troll Cakes’ Instagram.

Appropriately weird/sweet strawberry icing. #concerntroll #trollcakes

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Oh, hello! #trollcakes

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Comment from Ryan Seacrest's instagram account, regarding faux slo-mo.

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Made from a comment left on a photo of Betty White with a golden retriever. #trollcakes

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Troll Cakes even offers a “Tiny Hands Special.”

Tiny Hands Special #trollcakes

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For $30 you can send Thek your favorite Trump tweet or comment, and she’ll make it into a cake AND send it to the White House. Unfortunately, the likelihood that the president will get it is slim, as the White House’s official website discourages sending perishable gifts. But since you’ll get a pic of the final product, you can post it and take solace in the fact that you probably made a security guard’s day.

So if you’ve got someone in mind who deserves a sugar-coated slap in the face, place your Troll Cake order and hit them with a punch to the gut.

[h/t Dose]

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