This IKEA hack is a game-changer for makeup addicts everywhere

I’m always down for an excuse to venture to IKEA, because, like many people out there, I am a sucker for reasonably-priced home furnishings. I am also helpless against the allure of cosmetics and beauty products, and probably own far too much makeup for my own good.

Fortunately for me, (and you) one smarty-pants Redditor has discovered the perfect hack to address both of these obsessions.

Reddit user KiraChoffee recently introduced a game-changing new way to dry brushes properly on the r/MakeupAddiction subreddit, and it involves a rather unusual item from the laundry section at IKEA: a little hanging dryer in the shape of an octopus.

Even though the hanging dryer is typically meant for socks, handkerchiefs and the like, KiraChoffee found that clipping the ends of makeup brushes into the little clothespins allowed the brushes to drip dry completely and maintain their shape.

She even nicknamed the cute little hanger “Ollie” — because what other name are you going to give such a helpful little octopus?

“Ollie” is technically the PRESSA hanger, which can be purchased on IKEA’s website for $4.99.

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KiraChoffee also points out that, while this hack is super useful, it may not work so well for brushes with larger/thicker handles. “The clips work really well for the smaller/travel size brushes,” she says in the Reddit comments.

Oh, IKEA. Is there anything you CAN’T do?

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