An eagle-eyed Disney fan noticed this bizarre connection between ‘Moana’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’

It’s no secret that many Disney fans support theories which state that the universes of different Disney movies are somehow interwoven and connected. (Like the ship from Frozen turning up at the bottom of the ocean in The Little Mermaid, or Scar from Lion King serving as the lion skin in Hercules.) However, some observant fans recently noticed that there’s a somewhat unorthodox connection between the Disney movies Moana and The Little Mermaid — and the connection doesn’t follow the typical fan theory formula.

Tumblr user intergalactic-ashkenazi made the initial connection that Moana and The Little Mermaid are basically the same movie, except everything is reversed. Though this might seem like an observation which could apply to many movies, the inverted similarities are actually pretty striking. Think about it: in The Little Mermaid, a princess of the ocean wants to go ashore. In Moana, a princess on land is longing to go to the ocean. 

Other Tumblr users joined in with other examples, and pretty soon there was a pretty convincing argument to be made about the unexpected connection between these two movies.

(The example of “The Rock sings to her” is so good, I’m almost angry about it.)

Overall, I’m not sure that I’m convinced that these connective details were intentional — but I can’t deny that’s it’s fascinating to see how many possible examples there are.

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