The dating ‘sins’ you’re most likely to commit, according to your horoscope sign

Have you ever wondered what your sign (or your significant other’s sign) says about their dating habits? Well, one dating service recently endeavored to answer such a question.

What’s Your Price is a dating site which allows you to actually place bids for dates with certain people (because 2017 is truly the end of times). The site recently conducted a survey of their users which endeavored to discover which “bad” relationship habits certain zodiac signs are more likely to commit.

Though the study is certainly flawed (it’s probable that anyone who’s participating in an auctioneer-style dating site is already prone to making some questionable relationship choices), the results are actually pretty enlightening:


If you’re an Aquarius, you’re not likely to be shy when it comes to your romantic communications. Apparently, 70.59% of Aquarians have texted nude photos to someone. This certainly  isn’t a sin, although it does increase your chances for potential future embarrassment exponentially.


Pisceans apparently drink like the fishies they are when it comes to the dating scene. 38.25% admitted to getting hammered on a first date. Although, if both people are drinking, is this really that weird?


If you’re a Taurus, you’re less likely to feel encumbered by the silly and outdated rules upheld by some members of society. 65% of Taurus users admitted to having sex on the first date. But, then again, calling this a “sin” is pretty puritanical. Lighten up, people!


If you’re an Aries, you tend to cling to your independence, even in relationships. 79.49% of Aries users say that they don’t reveal their relationship status online. Though this isn’t necessarily a “sin,” it can certainly lead to some turmoil later on in the relationship if both parties aren’t on the same page.


61.9% of Geminis say that they have breadcrumbed another person — i.e., they’ve strung them along for an extended period of time, even though they weren’t really interested. Though this isn’t a classy move, Geminis are air signs, so you can’t really blame them for being a little flighty.


82.5% of Cancers admitted to oversharing about their relationship on social media. (Though I myself am a particularly private Cancer, I can definitely see how this behavior would fall in the Cancer wheelhouse.) This sign is the most likely to post every single photo of their significant other and share screenshots of their conversations.


Naughty, naughty Leos. 57.14% of Leos admitted to cheating, in some form or fashion. This should really not come as a huge surprise, though, considering Leos have a pretty high bar when it comes to their attention quota.


Virgos are most likely to grab sloppy seconds. 75.38% of Virgos have apparently gone back to their exes after ending things. Sometimes, this could ultimately be a good thing (perhaps it was just bad timing before). However, this can also lead to repeats of the same old wounds and toxic behaviors.


Libras don’t really like hanging around when the going gets tough, and they really hate confrontation. 55.56% of Libras admitted to straight-up ghosting someone. Come on, Libras — grow some thicker skin.


Scorpios are the most sexual signs of the zodiac, so it should come as no surprise that 70.73% of Scorpios have admitted to sending late-night booty call texts. This sign is definitely the most likely to text you at 1 AM, asking “You up?”


For some bizarre reason, the typically candid Sagittarius can’t tell their partner when they aren’t having a good time. 61.54% of Sagiattarians admitted to faking orgasms. (This isn’t a sin — but it’s a major bummer, and weakens the importance of their personal pleasure.)


Hilariously, 45% of the business-minded Capricorns confessed to using LinkedIn to stalk their crush. Hey, you have to make sure they aren’t lying about their prospects and their source of income, right?

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