People are roasting the crap out of this $2,000 “sweater” with no torso

Though I tend to be fairly open-minded when it comes to wardrobe choices, there are some outfits I will vehemently pass on. Remember those mud-stained jeans from Nordstrom? Or the terribly confusing straw hat dress? Hard NO.

As if these wardrobe pieces weren’t unique enough, Calvin Klein recently debuted a brand new sweater that is pretty much missing its entire torso. Unsurprisingly, Twitter is tearing the design to shreds.

Calvin Klein just released its latest sweater look and it’s not much of a sweater at all.

Klein’s “Multicolor Wool Cheerleader Sweater” combines wool sleeves with a sheer, see-through torso piece.

Finally! I’ve been looking for a fall sweater that would show off my nips…

If the product hadn’t already sold out from such high demand, you could get this nipple-proud look for the great price of $2,165.

What a deal!!!

Naturally, Twitter has some feelings about this modern fashion piece.

One user even asked this important question.

While others suggested male celebrities they’d want to see wearing it.

Regardless, it’s going to be a “no” from me.

people are roasting the crap out of this 2000 sweater with no torso 2 People are roasting the crap out of this $2,000 sweater with no torso

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