Watch Channing Tatum lip-sync to ‘Frozen’ like an absolute princess

Over here at theBERRY, we can appreciate a meticulously thought out prank—even one at the hands of our coworkers. This is probably why we find so much enjoyment in watching two celebrities hilariously poke fun at each other in front of millions of people.

Halle Berry and Channing Tatum recently began a devious prank battle after Tatum dared Berry to chug an entire glass of whiskey at Comic Con. Needless to say, Berry plotted the perfect revenge.

Back in July, Channing Tatum dared Halle Berry to chug a full glass of whiskey at Comic Con and she totally owned it.

Berry chugged the entire glass in front of an audience at a panel for the upcoming sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. What a boss! Of course, this meant Berry spent the rest of the day feeling tipsy during her interviews.

Then, in an effort to make it up to her, Tatum surprised Berry with a group of male dancers on Ellen.

What we wouldn’t give to be in that seat.

During the show, Berry also wrote down her revenge plan for Tatum.

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And we’ve been dying to find out what tricks the Cat Woman actress has up her sleeve.

Finally, Tatum appeared on Ellen and the host graciously passed on his punishment which included a Frozen-inspired sing-a-long.

In a full Elsa-ensemble, Tatum lip-synced the words to Let It Go while Ellen showered him with pink dollar bills.

We can only imagine how much Berry is enjoying her payback.

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Revenge is so sweet.

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