18 creative marriage traditions that you’ll want to steal for your own

Earlier this week, we shared a story about one particular marriage tradition that made us weak in the knees. It all started with a group of Redditors sharing their favorite marriage traditions and this group of responses will give you the hope in marriage you might be looking for.

1. the4ner‘s tradition is kind of adorable.

My wife is a doctor so she works late. Often, especially during the winter, she will come home after dark. She street parks her car, and our street isn’t very well lit (quiet dead end). If I hear the beep of her car lock, I’ll run to the window, where I keep a D Cell MagLite, and shine a “spotlight” on the sidewalk to light her way as she walks in. She will sometimes run around trying to “escape” the light. It’s fun ūüôā

2. wholesomeusername26 added a second part to Thanksgiving.

Second Thanksgiving.

Many years ago, we did our standard Thanksgiving with extended family on Thursday.
The next day, we were talking about how we wanted the food again, since all the leftovers were at the hosts house.
So we went to the grocery store, saw that all the Thanksgiving foods were now on sale to get rid of them, bought everything we needed, and prepared a fresh Thanksgiving dinner that Friday.

That was about 10 years ago. We still celebrate Second Thanksgiving every year, only now it’s also with our kids.

3. ToeKneePA’s¬†tradition began at their wedding reception.

When my wife and I got married, we asked everyone to write notes to us and put them in envelopes numbered by table. Our tradition is to open one of those envelopes each year on our anniversary based on the table number. This year was our 7th anniversary, so we opened envelope 7.

It’s something we look forward to each year. We don’t remember who sat where, except for table 14 because those friends wrote all over the front. Sometimes people made a prediction of the future, sometimes it’s about what’s happening at the wedding, sometimes it is disappointing and bland. Either way, it’s our fun thing that I recommend to everyone who is getting married.

4. gleenglass takes turns.

My husband and I have very different decor preferences about Christmas and after a couple of years of unhappy compromising, we decided to take turns being in charge of decorating every other year. Last year I had a very tasteful tree that I thought could go in a kitschy boutique store display that my husband said was boring as shit.

I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have a Batman tree this year.

5. erynosaurus¬†idea is the best V-day tradition I’ve ever heard.

Every Valentines Day we buy a new Lego set, stay in, and build our Legos while eating really good homemade pasta.

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6. You don’t have to be a kid to get a snuggle time in like¬†RamboFox.

We have a nightly, pre-bed snuggle time. We have different sleep schedules, so every night after I get ready for bed he gets in bed with me and we talk, sass each other, joke, and just have a check in. Then I roll over and go to sleep and he goes back out into the living room to do whatever he wants without keeping me awake. Usually lasts about 30 minutes. I hate when we are apart because it is honestly the best part of my day. It’s how we keep connected when the rest of our lives can be crazy.

7. I_smell_crickets1107 keeps the holiday decor untraditional.

Our first Christmas living together we went out and got a tree, lights, ornaments and all that good stuff. We get the tree all decorated and that’s when we realized we didn’t get a star or angel to put on top. I grab one of my hats and put it on top. We do this every year now. It’s been a different hat every year for six years.

8. luciavdh might make you tear up a little.

Birthday o’clocks. When the time on the clock reads the date of your birthday, that’s your birthday o’clock (so my birthday is 25 December and my birthday oclock is 12:25). My husband and I always used to try to catch each other’s birthday o’clock and send a text or photo.

He died in November and I happen to look at the clock at his birthday o’clock almost every day. Always makes me lose my shit, but it was such a weird and funny tradition that it makes me smile a little bit too.

9. It all started on the first date for roonerspize.

First date was on a whim to a local restaurant where she wore sweats and I wore a t-shirt (edit: and jeans). We ordered an unhealthy meal of appetizers (like buffalo wings, loaded cheese fries, nachos, quesadillas) and milk shakes. Every New Years Eve we celebrate by making similar appetizers, but now the kids are into it and each person gets to pick one appetizer they’d like made and we all make them together and pig out before watching some other earlier time zone’s new years celebration and get to bed by 10pm.

10. Datech329¬†calls it “Unknown Dining”

I wish I had a better name for it. It’s cheesy, predictable, and explanatory all at the same time.

We were on our honeymoon at a resort and struck up a conversation with an older couple in a hot tub. Typical old people passing their knowledge onto the youngsters type of conversation. IIRC, he was on his third marriage and she was on her fourth, but they had been together for 8+ years by then and were simply on vacation at a couples resort.

“They’re not wrong when they say the secret to marriage is keeping it fresh and interesting. But most people take that too far and end up cheating and ruining it all… You really just gotta keep the mundane stuff fresh.”

And that’s when they explained their dating plans. Every month, on the same day as your wedding day (i.e. every 8th, no matter what day of the week) you go on a date to a restaurant neither of you have ever been to before. And that’s not a, “Well we’ve never been to the Waffle House down on Grand,” it means you need to try an original place neither of you have ever experienced, anywhere. Pretty simple, but man is it effective!

On a tight budget? You now have 12 scheduled dates a year no one can argue about. Go out all the time? You now ensure you won’t get in a “rut” of the same places. New restaurant in town? Built in excuse to visit it.

The longer it goes on the more you want to make sure the streak continues. And if you live in the same place it also increases your comfort area as you’re forced to go farther and farther to find a unique restaurant. A slight adjustment that we added recently is the 5-2-1 rule (thanks Reddit) to choose places, where I choose 5 spots, she chooses 2 of them she’d be happy with, and then I make the final choice of where we’re actually going. It’s not always necessary but it’s useful if either of us goes on a picky streak.

But the true beauty is that, no matter what, we still get to have adventures together. That’s what marriage is all about.

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11. amillions has a great way to explore while holding onto memories.

Everywhere we travel together we buy one of those touristy frames with the name of the place on it, and we buy a magnet. Then we take a selfie. At home we have a wall of our travels with a piece of sheet metal in a frame for all the magnets, surrounded by our dorky frames and selfies. It’s fun and colorful, and a great memory to look at and remember each trip. Additionally, we travel once or twice a year internationally and we try and go somewhere new each time so we have lots of different styles of frames and backdrops for our pictures ūüôā

12. tkaraszewski keeps it sexy.

We keep a custom Google map with every place we’ve had sex on it. It’s like those maps with pins in it for countries you’ve visited, but for sex.

13. asmwilliams¬†celebrates a woman’s cycle.

We high five every time she gets her period.

14. McFuckhead got a celebrity involved.

One time for her birthday many years ago. I bought her a lifesize cardboard cutout of hugh jackman.

She loves hugh jackman, like LOVES hugh. So much that she would dump me in a heartbeat just to have one of his pubes as an appetizer.

Anyways…. for quite a few years now weve been hiding this glorious cutout in various locations, only to scare the shit out of the other person. Weve taken him for car rides, an overseas holiday to meet the parents and placed him by the window to stare at people walking by.

Best purchase I ever made and we’ve both had so much fun with hugh.

15. GaryNOVA is probably pumped for next month to get here.

October. We always go to a Corn Maze, and we always pick apples. 17 years straight.

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16. Can’t even handle¬†donutshopsss’¬†short yet sweet story.

We were nervous to say “I love you” because we had only been dating for a week and it felt really weird, so we said “elephant shoes”. Many years later, still love her and still say it.

17. 1boxfox made a new holiday.

We have created a holiday called Weird Squat Lobster Day. It takes place the first Saturday after December 19th. On that day, we make an excellent seafood dinner, make and decorate sugar cookies in the shape of various deep-sea creatures (real and imagined), and narrate everything we do in the voice of Sir David Attenborough. This holiday has its origins in a night of drunkenly watching nature documentaries, one of which mentioned a weird, squat lobster. This year will be its ninth annual celebration.

18. coltenmc¬†has a Halloween tradition you’ll want to try.

Smashing pumpkins to smashing pumpkins! Every year the day after Halloween we smash our pumpkins to smashing pumpkins music.

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