Chrissy Teigen asked Twitter for bananas, and Twitter delivered

Chrissy Teigen has never been one to censor of opinions on Twitter — and now, it seems like this candor has extended all the way to her grocery needs.

Chrissy Teigen was apparently looking to bake some banana bread when she encountered a dire conundrum: she had no brown bananas. And, as every baker knows, there’s really no baking banana bread without brown bananas.

Instead of going to the store and putting off her baking plans for a few days, Teigen did the next (?) best thing: she took to Twitter to proposition her followers for their old ‘nanners. In exchange, she promised a signed cookbook, a Becca shimmer palette, and John Legend’s underwear.

Twitter user Meg Zukin only had five bananas, but she lived near L.A.’s The Grove (which is apparently fairly close to Chrissy’s place), so Chrissy decided to take her up on her offer — as long as she was willing to go along with a bit of a safety test first.

Ultimately, the exchange was made without a hitch. And yes, Meg received all of Chrissy’s promised goodies, including John’s undies. (I have no doubt she will frame them.)

Oh, and for the record, Chrissy’s “assistant” is definitely her mom — because moms are the best.

The errand turned out to be so successful, that Chrissy vowed to use Twitter for all of her future grocery needs. So, fans living in Los Angeles should keep their eyes peeled for any of her unusual produce requests.

And no, Chrissy has no explanation as to why one of her doggos is wearing a bellhop costume.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on at the Teigen Compound, but it sounds amazing and I kind of want to live there, amidst the madness.

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