5 reasons to say “Hell Yeah!” this week

Congrats readers! You’ve made it through another treacherous work week and are only hours away from the weekend. Before you go skipping off to your well-deserved happy hour, take a minute to check out some of the good news we discovered this week.

Happy Friday!

1. This high school that let their Seniors take ID photos in costume

“One Michigan high school has fully embraced letting their senior class go a little crazy with their school ID photos, and why not? These kids have earned it! They’ve put in 12 years of hard work, not to mention the anguish of being a teenager. So we applaud the faculty who approved this idea. Let kids be the awesomely creative kids they are.”


2. Emilia Clarke finally went full-on Khaleesi and bleached her hair

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“Thanks to Daenerys Targaryen’s iconic style, bleached hair is experiencing a new heyday. And now, it looks as though the frosty hair trend has officially come full circle: Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen, has officially bleached her hair for the first time since the show began filming.”


3. This teen who admitted to being broke on his first date

“First dates never fail to be somewhat of an awkward experience. Even if you previously knew the person, there’s always that added pressure for the night to go well—or at least not end in someone crawling out the bathroom window. One of the most uncomfortable parts of the date is deciding who will pay the bill. However, this decision was a no-brainer for one 17-year-old boy who skipped a meal so that his date could eat and the internet is swooning.”


4. This fitness model reminding people that pregnancies aren’t actually picture perfect

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“You may remember Chontal Duncan as the fitness model who caused some unnecessary controversy by choosing to exercise and maintain her abs while pregnant (which, spoiler alert, is actually fine, particularly when fitness is super ingrained into one’s lifestyle already). Considering this fact alongside Chontal’s unbelievably flattering photos of her pregnancy with her second child, it’s hard to think of her as any sort of realistic representation of motherhood.”


5. Chrissy Teigen asking Twitter for bananas

“Chrissy Teigen was apparently looking to bake some banana bread when she encountered a dire conundrum: she had no brown bananas. And, as every baker knows, there’s really no baking banana bread without brown bananas. Instead of going to the store and putting off her baking plans for a few days, Teigen did the next (?) best thing: she took to Twitter to proposition her followers for their old ‘nanners. In exchange, she promised a signed cookbook, a Becca shimmer palette, and John Legend’s underwear.”



5 reasons to say hell yeah this week 23 5 reasons to say Hell Yeah! this week

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