People are dishing on their worst dating experiences and I think I’m okay being single

Anyone who’s ever ventured into the strange depths of the dating world knows how awkward the first meeting can be. As a female, I try to keep an open mind and just pray I get through the date without climbing out the bathroom window or feigning an emergency.

Most of the time these escape methods aren’t necessary, but every now and then there’s a situation that gets a little too weird for comfort. That’s probably why I can relate so deeply to each of these tweets about horrible dating experiences.

Twitter user James Coston asked people to dish on the worst dates they’ve ever been on and their responses did not disappoint.

1. There was the foot-lover

2. The blunt a-hole

3. The ditcher

4. The kleptomaniac

5. The arrogant jerk

6. The unimpressed Bumbler

7. The married guy

8. The “I have a boyfriend” girl

9. The cross-fit douche

10. The future planner

11. The momma’s girl

12. The cheap ass

13. The date who drank too much

14. The all-knowing rock lover

15. The total creep

16. The Mr. 300

17. The probably serial killer

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