Chrissy Teigen asked moms to share stories of when their little kids were mean to them, and I’m screaming

Being a parent is one of the most physically and emotionally draining tasks in the world. Not only does it involve being responsible for another person’s wellbeing for, well, a lifetime, but it also involves putting up with the daily shenanigans of tiny flesh demons who can be bossy, rude and occasionally nightmarish. Even the most well-behaved child can spout off with an insensitive comment that will leave you reeling for days. (If you’ve ever had a little kid inform you in a totally calm voice, “You’re ugly,” then you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

Even celebrity parents are subject to these humiliating moments, as evidenced by Chrissy Teigen — who recently had such a trying day with her young daughter, Luna, that she pleaded with Twitter to buck up her spirits.

Teigen took to Twitter on Friday after a (presumably) rough day of parenting, asking other moms (and dads) to share stories of times when their own children were mean to them.

As usual, Twitter delivered with flying colors — because if there’s one universal truth, it’s that children are adorable demons who will do as they please, regardless of how much of your property or self-worth they destroy in the process.

Parents came together to share some hilariously savage tales of their children insulting them, ignoring them and generally being ice cold.

Some of these stories truly made me weep with laughter, and for that, I am forever grateful to Chrissy Teigen and these countless brave parents.

Also, I think I’ll hold off on having kids for a little while. They sound emotionally abusive.

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