10 people shared uplifting animal facts that’ll make anyone with a heart smile

Good news! A group of Redditors rescued people from their boredom with adorable animal facts that won’t disappoint, I promise. Because what better way to brighten your day?

1. You guy’s, it’s a sloth thing.

Sloths like plums enough to wake up from their naps to eat them. – sloth_hug

2. Cows will cling to favorites, too.

Cows have best friends. – MrKaho

3. Dolphins probably have better games than humans.

Dolphins make up games with winners and losers. If a dolphin in a zoo is relocated it teaches it’s new friends games from the old zoo. – Diablo_swing

4. Losing your keys every now and then will make you feel better after reading this comment.

That squirrels lose track of the majority of nuts that they bury, they inadvertently plant new trees 🙂 – PudaRex

5. One particular mammal carries the same thing with them throughout their life.

Otters have a pocket where they keep their favourite rock. It’s the simple things in life. – PumpkinOfThedas

6. They also hold each otters hands <- pun intended

Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t float away from each other. – lightsdevil

7. Elephants find humans cute…

Apparently when elephants see humans, the same part of their brains is activated as when humans see puppies. – StormDrainClown

8. People aren’t the only ones that check ourselves out.

Dolphins check out their own junk in the mirror:):) – afatchimp

9. I’d like a wedding invite to one of these.

Penguins mate for life, and they propose by giving their prospective mate a pebble. – shesalostsoul

10. It’s all about loving your pup.

When you celebrate a dogs birthday and give them cuddles, cake and so on, they don’t know it’s their birthday. They just think it’s because you love them that much (which of course you do), so to them you’re all just extra loving for no particular reason. It always makes me smile how happy the dog must be. – Meior

10 people shared uplifting animal facts thatll make anyone with a heart smile 2 10 people shared uplifting animal facts thatll make anyone with a heart smile

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