This model revealed which poses Instagram stars use to make their bodies appear more ‘perfect’

There’s not shortage to the number of blatant thirst traps on Instagram. But, just how realistic are these photos of super fit bodies and toned booties? According to one model, the images you see are created from carefully curated poses which are hardly realistic representations of actual bodies.

Body-positive model Iskra Lawrence recently made a very practical video to outline just how deceptive certain poses can be on Instagram, and how many social media stars often use them to create unrealistically flattering perceptions of themselves.

“When you see that perfect photo, what really goes on behind the scenes is good lighting, good angle, good posing – it can completely change what your body looks like,” Iskra says in her video.

She goes on to demonstrate exactly which poses give people the illusion of bigger butts, thinner arms and flatter tummies. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t actually take much photo magic to manipulate perspective.

“I wanted to get super real and show you how drastically and instantly people can change how they look simply by posing, let alone good lighting, high quality cameras and photoshop!” Iskra added in her Instagram caption.

So, don’t feel terribly concerned with comparing your body to those of other Instagram stars. Chances are, they’re just sticking their butts out a little bit.

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