This thread about two strangers finding love on the train has Twitter clamoring for a happy ending

Sometimes the small meaningless decisions made throughout our day can lead to unexpected and delightful encounters. Having a runny nose could seem like the harbinger of a terrible day, but who knows? It could very well prompt your run-in with a handsome stranger.

26-year-old YouTube executive Debra was riding the train during her morning commute when she noticed what appeared to be a rather adorable encounter between two strangers in her train car — and it all started with a pack of tissues.

Sadly, Debra wasn’t able to stick around on the train long enough to watch these two exchange numbers.

Twitter was collectively weeping over the fact that we didn’t get any more deets on this potential hookup.

It’s a shame Debra wasn’t able to see this meet-cute play out, but, sadly, reality takes precedence over romantic voyeurism. “It definitely hurt that I had to get off, but, you know, I had a job to report to,” Debra tells Metro UK.

She also added that it was heartening to see the confident and flirty repartee between these two strangers. “Let’s face it, we Brits by nature are not often as ballsy, or forward,” she says. “Especially as women. And so in many ways I felt this story represented a new wave of women going after what (or ‘who’) they want unapologetically, or what can more popularly be known today as ‘shooting their shot.'”

Debra isn’t crossing her fingers for Twitter to track down these strangers and reveal their true identities, though — sometimes in life, you just have to be okay with not knowing.

“I’m a self-confessed hopeful romantic, so honestly I’d like to think that what I witnessed and re-told was the beginning of a beautiful love story,” she tells Metro UK. “The sad truth is that we may never know, but I think that’s what makes this love story that little bit more special.”



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