People are decorating with ‘Halloween trees,’ and it’s the perfect excuse to never take down your Christmas tree

Halloween decorations most often consist of carved pumpkins (which inevitably die a gruesome and prolonged death on your doorstep) and fake cobwebs (which are fun to put up, but infinitely more difficult to take down). This October decor is fun and spooky, sure, but it tends to only be acceptable for maybe two weeks out of the month.

Fortunately, a new trend of decorating with “Halloween trees” may be here to rectify this problem, and allow us to keep the same tree up for three months in a row. (Which is especially great news for those of us with tiny decorating budgets.)

The trend of decorating with Halloween-themed trees in October is certainly not new, but the popularity hasΒ  increased markedly in recent years (almost surely thanks to Pinterest).

Now, people are ringing in All Hallow’s Eve with appropriately-festooned trees, and the results are surprisingly festive.

Some people prefer to use black plastic trees to set the mood and create a slightly spookier vibe. (Complete with plastic skulls and sickly green and purple lights, of course.)

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For other people, it’s not about the color of the tree β€” it’s about using creepy decorations. Some disembodied doll faces, anyone?

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Then again, some people take the brilliant route of using their beloved Christmas tree to hold their Halloween decor. This way, once Halloween is over, they can decorate the tree for Thanskgiving, and then eventually they can deck the halls and boughs for Christmas … all without ever taking down the large and unwieldy tree.

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Honestly, I kind of have to applaud this holiday ingenuity. If it helps you get in the spirit of the season, and it cuts down on your seasonal decorating time, who’s to judge whether or not it’s “correct”?

After all, let’s not forget that tree-worshipping is actually borne from a pagan tradition. If anything, Halloween may be an even more appropriate season for decorated trees. (Right? Just go with me, here.)

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